Sound Creation FAQ

October 19th, 2008

Sound Creation Studio
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1.  How much are you rates?

Our hourly rate is Php 1000.  We charge this rate for recording, editing, mixing, and mastering services.

2.  How much does it cost to record a song?

The average cost of a song with a full band arrangement is between Php 5000 - 10000.  The exact cost largely depends on the amount of time it takes for the artists to record their parts, which is about 3-6 hours per song.   Editing and mixing usually takes between 2-4 hours per song, depending on the complexity of the mix.

3.  Do you have packaged rates for indie projects?

Yes we do.  Our 2-song indie package costs Php 9000.  The artists are alotted a maximum of 6 hours to record 2 songs.  The engineer will then proceed to mix the songs in his/her own time.  The artist may pick up the finished mix on a date agreed upon.  If there are details about the mix that the artists wish to change, we will gladly make this revision once.  Extra revisions and excess recording time will be charged on an hourly basis.  We require full payment on the first session for the 2-song package.

4.  May we attend the mixing sessions?

Absolutely.  You may give instructions to the engineer as he/she mixes your song. Hourly rates apply for mixing sessions with the artist.  A packaged price for mixing, however, may be set.  Packaged mixing is done at a time convenient to the engineer, in the absence of the band.  The band may pick up the mixdown on a later date.

5.  We are absolutely new to recording.  May you tell us more about the recording process?

The recording process consists of the following steps:

Step 1:  Tracking - Here is the stage where you record your drums, bass, guitar, keyboard, and vocal parts.  It is more economical and convenient to track several songs each time an instrument is setup.

Step 2:  Editing -  This is where the engineer “cleans up” the tracks, taking out unwanted sounds, making crossfades between cuts, etc.  This is also the part wherein the artists may edit the arrangement of a song, eg. creating a radio edit, or adding another round of the chorus part to make the song longer.

Step 3:  Mixing -  This is where the engineer adjusts the levels, panning, and eq of each track so that it fits perfectly in the mix.  Effects such as reverb, delay, modulation, and compression are also added to the tracks.  This is the stage where automation is performed.

Step 4:  Mastering -  Finally,  your songs have been mixed down and are ready for mastering.  This process involves giving your songs more punch and volume for final consumption.  It also includes the process of arranging your songs in a cd, and creating crossfades between songs whenever necessary.

6.  Do we have to pay extra for using your insturments?

Use of the drums, amps, and other instruments are absolutely free.  We charge Php 500 per song for the use of our grand piano.

7.  What recording software and interface do you use?

We use Pro Tools.  Our studios are equipped with Pro Tools HD3 Accel and Pro Tools HD2 Accel.  For our complete list of equipment, please visit

8.  Who are some of your notable clients?

Sandwich, Imago, Callalily, Pedicab, APO Hiking Society, to name a few.  For our complete client list, please visit

9.  How much does your cd replication/duplication, cd packaging, cd album cover design and printing cost?

We do not offer these services.  Please contact a cd replication house for your cd duplication and packaging needs:

Electromat - +63 02 9362839

FAS - +63 02 4450125, 4450126
PanDisc - +63 02 3590963, +63 02 3590971

Sound Creation Original Sub Kick Mic

July 20th, 2008

Gumawa ako ng mic, sub mic for kick drum! merong akong sub woofer unit ng Yamaha NS-10 studio monitor, nilagay ko sa 10 inch snare drum shell ng kids drums, ginamit na namin sa drum recording ng DUSTER new album! maganda ito, kuhangkuha ung boom sound ng kick, wala siyang makuhang attack, sub lang talaga, ginagamit ko ang Sennheiser MD421Mk2 para sa main kick mic, ok din combination ng dalawang mic na ito. para sa set-up ng Duster session, naka phase switch ung sub mic. pag lumabas na ang album ng Duster, maririnig niyo ang BIG KICK SOUND ni Ristalle!!!

Welcome to Sound Creation Studio Blog!

July 20th, 2008

Sound Creation Studio is proud to bring you new additions to its already impressive arsenal of equipment and rooms.  Our newly constructed Studio B will be opening its doors to accommodate everything your project needs. From a 7-foot Yamaha grand piano, an elegant maple drum set, to an awesome sounding 20-foot high tracking area, Sound Creation Studio brings excellent broadcast quality to your projects all the time.